01. If you [whisk] the cream too long, it could change into butter.
02. You need to [whisk] the ingredients a long time in order to make a light and fluffy cake.
03. My arm got tired after [whisking] the cream for a few minutes.
04. [Whisk] the egg whites until foamy.
05. Peter Pan [whisked] Wendy away to Neverland.
06. The suspect was [whisked] into the police car, and taken away.
07. Security agents [whisked] the President away when the crowd started to get ugly.
08. He took her by the hand, and [whisked] her across the dance floor.
09. Can you pass me the [whisk]? I want to mix the milk into the dry ingredients now.
10. The tourists had just enough time to take a few photos of the church, and then were [whisked] back onto the bus by the tour guide.
11. Monks in the Jain religion have almost no possessions, apart from a robe, a bowl, a [whisk] broom to sweep away insects so that they are walked upon, and a cloth to cover the mouth so that insects are not accidentally breathed in and killed.
12. The President was [whisked] away by the secret service as soon as his speech was finished.
13. I need the [whisk] for a minute to mix the pancake batter.
14. The father [whisked] his little girl up in his arms and gave her a big hug.
15. The family is very rich, and the children are always being [whisked] away to a beach in Thailand or a ski trip in Switzerland.
16. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "One cannot be sure of himself and his fortune an hour, but he may be [whisked] off into some pitiable or ridiculous plight."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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